Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Hard Truth From Orlando


“It was a mistake of the parents to not remember the kids
might be in the car, but that's what the professionals are
there for, to save you from those basic everyday mistakes."
(From ABC news article)

What a crock of crap. The three families whose unsupervised
children died when they got trapped in the trunk of their own
Camry on their own property and the bodies weren’t found
for days have been awarded $2.25 million dollars because the
Camden police didn’t find their kids for them.

All right, the police didn’t follow all the “search for
children” protocols. They might have found them if all
protocols had been followed – already dead probably,
but they didn’t and the bodies weren’t discovered until
days later. Of course, if the parents had opened their eyes,
quit the handwringing, and gone out to look, they’d have
found them too – and probably still alive.

What did the parents fail to do? Well – how about
everything? They failed to train their children in
appropriate places to play. They failed to have someone
keeping the children within earshot or line-of-sight while
they played. They failed to keep the children from going
places where they couldn’t readily be seen by an adult.
When they didn’t see or hear their children, they didn’t
do an immediate and complete search – particularly
knowing their own children’s habits and proclivities.
Instead, they sat back, went hysterical, and waited for the
police to figure out where their untrained, unsupervised
miscreants had wobbled off to.

Too bad about the kids. This kind of crappy, disinterested
parenting is epidemic in America and become worse since
the influx of immigrants with the “it takes a community to
raise a child” mentality. Yeah, it takes a community, but first
the kid is supposed to have a parent, whose priority is the
safety, training and well-being of the child they bred so they
can be a positive influence in the community and not a
community burden. And because these parents oftimes
aren’t legally married or have some pretty loosey-goosey
living arrangements with “cousins” and “friends” whose
last names they don’t even know, you’ve got a pretty good
idea of what kind of self-awareness and discipline the parents
have – never mind what they instill in their children.

So now we reward these piss-poor excuses of parents by
giving them money, on top of whatever social services and
welfare moneys they were receiving for not taking care of
their children, and simultaneously reinforcing the “blame
the cops because I acted like an idiot” mentality rife in

But I don’t feel like the parents have really profited.
These people are born losers. You could give them the
keys to the National Treasury and they’ll blow it. But
maybe they’ll take that 2.25 million dollars and get some
parental training to go along with their grief counseling.
And maybe they’ll buy enough mirrors so they can plainly
see who to blame for the loss of their children, instead of
pointing the fingers at everyone else.

The cops, who take responsibility seriously and who failed
to find these children, will punish themselves forever. I’m
glad I wasn’t there. But you know it doesn’t take a lawsuit
to get the attention of a responsible person. It just takes an
in-your-face failure, someone else to pay for your mistake
and you’ll never forget what you failed to do. And I don’t
think that’s something those poor excuses for parents will
ever learn however much money we throw at them.

Florida Cracker

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