Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Hard Truth From Orlando

Well, I guess it’s news -- but it’s not like it’s the first time news.
Multiple arrests have been made in the New Jersey gang-rape
of the 7-year-old girl, who followed her 15-year-old druggie,
delinquent stepsister to some kind of party where drugs were
being handed out. 15-year-old sister was prostituting herself
for drugs and then, I guess, someone made an offer for the
7-year-old – because you always find such classy people at a
party with drugs – and the 15-year-old agreed they could
molest her little stepsister, but it turned into a gang-rape of
the 7-year-old by a 20-year-old and 17-year-old and
13-year-old and any other thing in human form with a dick
or a dildo.

And I had such an incredible sense of déjà vu, because it
wasn’t that many years ago I read virtually the same set of
circumstances in a different part of the country. The
16-year-old half-sister agreed that her 6-year-old sister
would perform oral sex on some “guys” so the half-sister
could collect her share of the drugs. And the guys decided
oral sex wasn’t enough and raped the six-year-old. The
16-year-old claimed that she tried to stop them, because
she only agreed to the oral sex, not the rest, but…

There’s a reason for capital punishment. It’s not about
justice. It’s about getting rid of human-shaped monsters with
a proven track record of preying on the helpless. New Jerseyites
are screaming for incarceration. Why continue to throw money
at the problem? Instead of welfare money, we’ll throw prison
money at the perps – cheaper and safer all the way around to
get rid of the monsters, including the 15-year-old stepsister.

And ACLU and the NAACP and the whichever alphabet
soup organization wants to decry the facts, the facts are that
both of these incidences happen in subsidized housing areas
on the taxpayers’ dime, where the poorest of the poor, the
most ignorant of the illiterate and the most vicious of lowlife
criminals perpetuate, generation after worthless generation.
These horrific incidences happen because you don’t have
families, you have a loosely-related aggregate of people,
who care little or nothing for each other, co-habitating to
maximize government benefits and freebies. They live
together in squalor; the unplanned, unwanted and
unsupervised children at the mercy of all the other freaks
in the building – their only worth in the fact that they
represent two-legged government subsidies for the
welfare parents.

And why would expect that a child’s future should be any
brighter when raised by the self-serving idiots who have
chosen this life, turned their back on education, regular
employment or anything else? So when the news article
goes on to say, the family is grieving and in shock and
whatever over the vicious rape of their 7-year-old
(engineered by their delinquent older daughter), I say,
uh-huh. And where were any of the adults supposed to be
supervising a 15-year-old who’s going to parties with
20-year-olds where drugs are being sold? And don’t tell
me they didn’t know the older daughter was into drugs
and running with scum. It’s been my experience that
everyone in the housing area knows who the bad guys
are, where they live, who they hang with and what
they’re doing.

A real parent makes sure the oldest kid knows, your
younger sibling, half-sibling, child or dog I left in your
care better be well taken care of or I will take care of you
when I get back and there won’t be anything left when
I’m finished with you. But this 15-year-old and the
7-year-old don’t have real parents. They have welfare
self-victimizers who bred them but don’t raise them.
And they’ll hand-wring and wail – for themselves, but
it won’t surprise me if the 7-year-old gets blamed for the
15-year-old’s legal woes. It won’t surprise me if the
7-year-old gets put back in the 15-year-old crackhead
sister’s care again by the same handwringing “parents”
because you don’t breed this kind of worthless,
never-going-to-be-anything-but-scum behavior overnight.
You got to start them out young and be consistent in your
lousy parenting. Give it about four years and the rape victim
will be following her stepsister and all the others into the
self-perpetuating life of crime, scum and indifference. So my
solution is, quit paying for the scum. Lethal injection, bullet
to the back of the head – but get rid of the wolves in the fold.

And for the lousy parents of the lousy delinquents living on
the welfare dime, time to terminate the payments. Taxpayers
pay so you can take care of your children while you’re moving
ahead with employment opportunities, school opportunities,
whatever it takes to get out of the welfare roles. If you’re not
making sufficient progress, time to repossess the kids and put
them in agencies that will make them got to school, conform
and perform, and be something other than fodder for freaks
or a new generation of drug-dealers and users. Without the kids,
you only have yourself to take care of and you should therefore
make tremendous personal progress.

Sorry for the 7-year-old. Sorry for the 6-year-old. Sorry that
your families and neighbors are such sorry excuses for human
beings. Look at them and vow to be something else and live
somewhere else far away if you survive this experience. And
don’t tell anyone from the “hood” where you’ve gone. You’ll
be surprised how much better your life will be when you’ve
scraped off your sorry family and acquaintances and struck
out on your own.

Yeah. It’s not New Jersey . It’s the welfare state that breeds
such crimes and such poor excuses for people…

Florida Cracker

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