Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Hard Truth From Orlando

Delighted! I am delighted to see that in the vicious bully-cide
death of Phoebe Prince, the 15-year-old Irish girl who hanged
herself after relentless months of bullying, cyberstalking,
physical intimidation and harassment, NINE of her school
mates have been indicted on charges relating to her death.
And finally, the State of Massachusetts had the gumption to
do what most state prosecutors won’t and charged the 17
and 18 year old who had sex with Phoebe with statutory rape.
And I feel no sympathy for them. Some official apparently said
“their lives, too, are forever changed” – or whatever. And my
response is, well, they still have lives, don’t they? They went
out of their way to tear Phoebe’s apart. They gloated over her
suicide. Time for the wheel to come around and their ugly,
sociopathic selves to be exposed to the world the way they
exposed Phoebe’s pain for ridicule.

I hope they don’t get anything as simple as probation and to do
community service. I hope they do some detention time,
removal from public school and loss of scholarships and a tag
that haunts them for the next 50 years. I hope they get a big
black stain on their names – as a warning to their peers on the
consequence of viciousness towards classmates.

Bullying in schools is completely out of control in every state
in the Union . I don’t know if it’s because we no longer
“weed out” the kids with emotional problems but insist on
mainstreaming them with others, or if kids today just have
no sense of perspective. Every bullying action has the potential
for criminal charges. School administrators who fail to protect
their charges from bullies on their campuses need to face
criminal charges as well. I’m tired of bullies hiding out on the
campus because the campus is “off limits” to normal law
enforcement. If an action is illegal in the work place or on a
city street, it should be illegal on our school grounds and
school officials need to be put on notice that they’re liable.
I do know that it’s the failure of parents to instruct and
protect their daughters and further to educate their sons
which has resulted in rampant sexual activity among
underage children. And let’s face it, there’s a reason the
age of consent is 16. It’s to protect children from sex with
persons who might be a year or two older, but who are years
ahead in maturity and ability to manipulate their younger

And what is it with these girls nowadays? Used to be if the
guy was dipping his wick, you got mad at him – not the girls
he was using like toilet paper. I think the girls and young
women of today have gotten so used to being treated like
“bitches” by their “dog” boyfriends that they feel they have
to fight like bitches. What happened to the boys and young
men nowadays that they have absolutely no sense of honor
or responsibility? Were there always so many low-lifes in
our society or have we just had a bumper crop of them lately?
It’s because parents have failed. Parents and courts
consistently fail to respond to youthful sexual predators.
And they are predators when they target younger children for
sex – for the sake of sex. It’s time the States pick up the
challenge and enforce the law when parents refuse to press
charges. And if necessary, States need to charge the parents
with negligence, or aiding and abetting if they fail to report
the sexual abuse of their children by other youngsters.
Every girl under 16 who turns up pregnant should have a
criminal complaint attached to the boy or man who got her
that way, as used to be the case (unless you were just dumb
trash from a dumb trash neighborhood). Because the people
who weren’t trash taught their children better and held them
accountable for their actions. You knocked the girl up, you
had to marry her. You’re lucky now if he even pays child
support – forget behaving as a responsible father or decent
human being; these guys don’t have a clue and no one will
hold their feet to the fire to make it happen.

We’ve traded freedom for license; equality for entitlement.
Time to adjust our thinking and make the consequences dire
enough that even a dumb kid will think twice about crossing
some lines.

Rest in Peace, Phoebe Prince. I’m sorry it had to cost another
young life to get the adults to pay attention.

Florida Cracker

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