Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The Hard Truth From Orlando

And another story that grits. The 15-year-old girl with autism who got kicked off the plane. Maybe the pilot & crew did over-react and maybe the steward could have nuked the damn sandwich so the kid would eat it. I would have nuked it for the little twit just to shut her up.
But having a kid who pitches a fit because her sandwich isn’t hot enough is not the problem of everyone else. Yes, the child has a disability. But guess what? The whole world doesn’t have to cater to her and that’s something the FAMILY needs to recognize. It’s become epidemic. My child has a problem, everybody has to make allowances for them, everybody has to suffer their tantrums when they don’t get their way.
No, we don’t. You have to do everything in YOUR power to make sure your kid conforms to societal norms. You have to do everything in YOUR power to make sure your kid doesn’t hamper anyone else in the performance of their duties or that YOUR kid doesn’t create an emergency or get in the way during an emergency.
That’s not society’s job. That’s the PARENT’S job.
Frankly, I hope the child is sufficiently comprehensive to BE embarrassed, but she won’t be. Her mom is going to make her a victim and not a responsible human being. Wish the little idiot luck when Mommy is not there to hold her hand and make the bad people all kiss her self-inflicted boo-boos.
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