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Friday, February 03, 2017


Ok, this has to be here.
It's Weird Friday! Foamy is the best. I admit, I am a Foamy cult member. This little squirrel beats the pants off of Dennis Miller, Bill Mahr, and maybe even Dennis Leary as far as rants go.

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  • So I'm watching "Tech Support" and saying to myself, I've seen this before. No, it's the character. Now, who does he look and sound like? AHA! Admit it Nick - Foamy is your secret 'love child'. Except that he has more hair and doesn't wear glasses - a perfect match. He sounds like you on a good day.

    By Blogger Eric, At 30/12/05 13:03  

  • Yes, I admit it. And while I'm letting all of my truths out....I WAS the winning bidder for Germaine's panties on E-Bay.

    By Blogger Nick, At 30/12/05 13:13  

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