Friday, February 03, 2017


Ok, this has to be here.
It's Weird Friday! Foamy is the best. I admit, I am a Foamy cult member. This little squirrel beats the pants off of Dennis Miller, Bill Mahr, and maybe even Dennis Leary as far as rants go.


Eric said...

So I'm watching "Tech Support" and saying to myself, I've seen this before. No, it's the character. Now, who does he look and sound like? AHA! Admit it Nick - Foamy is your secret 'love child'. Except that he has more hair and doesn't wear glasses - a perfect match. He sounds like you on a good day.

Nick said...

Yes, I admit it. And while I'm letting all of my truths out....I WAS the winning bidder for Germaine's panties on E-Bay.