Thursday, April 02, 2015

The Hard Truth From Orlando


I don't believe in contraception, so if I work in a store or pharmacy that sells condoms or other prophylactics for birth control, medically prescribed or not, I don't have to make the transaction for the customer or stock it on the shelves even if the manager says we provide those materials -- and he can't fire me.

I don't believe that women should be allowed to wear pants, so I don't have to serve any woman who doesn't conform to my dress code.

I don't believe that God meant for people of different races to be equal, so I can treat them according to the variation of their skin hues, from lightest to darkest, or darkest to lightest.

I believe that children born out of wedlock are going straight to Hell, so I don't have to pay for them to go to school. They're not the same as legitimate children and they should be shunned along with the mothers who gave birth to them.

I also don't have to rent to single mothers or their Hellspawn.

I believe that Jews should have to prove they don't have horns before I serve them.

I believe that homosexuality is offensive before God and I am not going to sin by treating them the same as anyone else and I don't have to provide them the same services.

I believe that mine is the only true religion, so I don't have to serve anyone who can't show their faith is the same as mine.

Who do you hate? It doesn't matter. Indiana wants YOU!

  Florida Cracker

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