Monday, July 30, 2012

The Hard Truth From Orlando

Have you seen it? had the video today of the 9-year-old Mississippi boy systematically punching and kicking pre-verbal toddlers in the daycare. It's a hard thing to watch, but thank whatever powers may be that his sadistic behavior was caught by the surveillance cameras. You should watch it, though, to see for yourself instead of having the evidence "interpolated" for you by the pundits of spin and the talking heads on the nightly news.
You'll see the child repeatedly, consciously look to see where the adults are before he inflicts hurt on the tiny children around him. He stops in his attacks several times to quiet the child, see if the adults are looking and then resume the assault. He is specific in his targets. There are older children around, but that's not the ones he goes after.
Some of the generally idiotic people among us, many in the field of educational administration, will point out that the child's behavior is definitely "learned." He has learned this brutalization by being brutalized or watching someone else brutalizing another or both. I don't doubt that. They'll also point out that the smaller children aren't supposed to be with older children and there's supposed to be an adult supervising them -- and there wasn't. Also true. (The article says the worker was fired because she plainly WASN'T where she was supposed to be, supervising the children. Just watch the video). They'll say he needs treatment and he needs therapy and has special needs which must be met, just like a child with a cleft palate or scoliosis or asthma. And like a child with a cleft palate or scoliosis or asthma or near-sightedness or in a wheelchair, he has the right to be "included" with other children in a scholastic or daycare setting.
They're wrong. He needs to be put in a cage or taken out and shot immediately for the protection of every child, animal or helpless adult around him. But I can almost guarantee you, he'll be one of those tagged with a "learning disability" or "conduct disorder" due to the very real injuries he has sustained, physical and psychic but not inherent, while being brutalized by whomever his tutor in sadism was. I'm sure he's been tagged for this violent behavior long before this incident, but the administration still allowed him in a daycare with children who cannot speak for themselves, much less protect themselves from a monster like him -- and then did not make an issue of supervising him at all times.
And whatever damage he does to others, until he reaches an age recognized by Mississippi as eligible for criminal prosecution, the educational administration, social services and political correctness will undoubtedly continue to insist that little freak be included as a special needs child in regular classrooms with regular kids, putting ALL of the children around him at risk, instead of shunting him off to the nearest high-risk mental institution for violent offenders now for the safety of the community.
Fortunately, Mississippi still has the death penalty. Unfortunately, the Supreme Court has ruled that it's unconstitutional to sentence juvenile offenders to life in prison. Frankly, that's the only thing that's going to keep other children safe from this monster. He’s broken and there's no fixing him. I wonder how much damage he'll do before someone decides he's not worth the powder to blow him to hell.

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