Thursday, July 05, 2012

The Hard Truth From Orlando

First it was the giant Buddhas that the Taliban decided to mortar and deface. Now another Islamic fringe is destroying historic Islamic and archeologically significant sites in Timbuktu -- those of an opposing and older Islamic branch. It's kind of like the old Catholic Church burning the Protestants at the stake for heresy. Of course, then the Protestants burned other Protestants and anyone of an opposing view at the stake for so-called heresy. And when they finally got tired of killing everybody else, they decided to kill their own for a while. And while they were conducting their "holy war," they were padding their pockets by looting everything anyone else had.
But religion and faith have nothing to do with it. It's rampant hooliganism in the name of religion with a more sinister goal for the behind-the-scenes organizers.
This is at least the second World Heritage site, respected by all religions, all nations, for what it represents to our global culture that is being destroyed by a bunch of functional illiterates whipped into a frenzy by demagogues with delusions of godhood. It's not enough to deface every painting, every depiction of human form with a spurious claim of religious sensibilities, these fanatics have to erase anything that doesn't coincide with their personal belief, their personal interpretation of the Quran. And when it's over, they expect everyone to whom they have shown such disrespect and contempt to bow down and kiss their feet.
We've seen these people before, in different guises, different countries, different eras. "Totalitarian regimes are characterized by a commitment to a specific ideology. The ideology serves the state by defining the past, explaining the present and predicting the future. It establishes guidelines for remolding society in the image held by the rulers."
Make no mistake. They're not seeking to establish a theocracy. They're not seeking to establish a kind of heaven on earth, all people are one in Islam, etc. They're after control, total control, over everyone and everything, according to rules that only they have the power to establish and to which everyone else is subordinate.
"To control the behavior of its citizens, totalitarian regimes recognize no limits to the means by which their ends are achieved. Totalitarian regimes will use any techniques - physical or psychological to achieve absolute control over society."
These fanatics want to erase history, because it's from history that we learn. It's from the lessons of the past that we have come to cherish freedom and choice.
If we look at this historically, we're at the "Brown Shirts" beginning of the totalitarian regime. We're experiencing in several countries simultaneously a kind of "Kristallnacht," an Islamic version of coordinated attacks against different Islamic and non-Islamic believers, while the governments in those countries, purportedly Islamic nations, are closing their eyes to the destruction.
The test will be how long the other Muslims in every country will tolerate the terrorists in their midst. If they think for one moment, as the German people did, that so long as they are quiet, mind their business and congratulate themselves that THEY are not the target of these terrorists that they'll be all right, they are deluding themselves. The German people learned this bitter lesson. You pay for your indifference. You pay for your silence. You pay with your property, your lives, your heritage and your freedom. You children pay with a heritage of shame that you allowed this to happen and graveyards full of the unjustly persecuted and murdered.
These men tear down; they do not build. And when they're finished, if they're allowed to accomplish their goal of destruction and subjugation, they will leave nothing but ashes. The world's citizens needs to identify these destroyers and put a price on their heads like the bandits they are. And when they are identified, caught and tried, they need to be erased from the world, as they have tried to erase the rights, freedom and history of everyone else.
What's the Quranic equivalent of "wake the hell up, people!"

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