Wednesday, July 06, 2011

The Hard Truth From Orlando

Lest we lose perspective on Casey Anthony trial.

Casey – acquitted of murdering her daughter. And another case where citizens serving as jurors have zero common sense and think that forensics are the end all and be all of finding a guilty verdict. You have to wonder what people around the world think of American justice when such blatantly obvious murderers walk away free from court in case after case. If you’re going to commit a crime, make sure you do it in America where Lady Justice is not only blind, but brain-damaged, too.

Guess the child wrapped duct tape around her head and threw herself into the swamp.

But I’m not losing sleep over the injustice of it. Casey Anthony will get hers as the great wheel goes around. She still has all the theft charges and lying charges. But more than that, she still has her mom Cindy.

Who lost (aside from the taxpayers, but we always lose) from the death of Caylee? Not Casey. She never wanted Caylee. Cindy and George lost their grandchild, but if they’d been serious, they’d have pressed Casey earlier about where their grandchild was – even if they had to beat her black and blue to get a straight answer.

But Casey got what she wanted – freedom from motherhood. Cindy got what she prayed for and lied for -- she gets her monster daughter back. She gets back the dangerous snake she nurtured and protected instead of correcting and drawing a firm line. Yay. She gets back a person who gutted everyone’s lives and reputations and bank accounts to further her own amusements.

Cindy can cuddle that snake to her bosom and see what cold comfort she derives as the rest of her friends and relatives run for cover.

And Casey gets to go home to mommy, knowing that Cindy will punish her every single day for the loss of Caylee because that’s what Cindy does – hold you close and make you pay.

A match made in Hell for both of them. Whoo-hoo.

And the only one lost is Caylee. But hey, the world is full of dead children discarded like garbage. One more will not break the bank.

I wonder how close Lee will be after what his sister has done to the family? I wonder if George will make another attempt or just go on like the living ghost that he is; a neutered shadow, running behind Cindy and cleaning up Casey’s messes until he calls it quits or keels over.

We’ll see.

The big wheel of justice doesn’t always work in court rooms but it does come around. I’ll be curious to see what becomes of this smirking, murderous psychopath and her viciously unstable mother. Little Caylee – yeah, she’s the lucky one.

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Rosy said...

Was justice served? Who knows, because the prosecution didn't manage to prove beyond a reasonable doubt what happened to Caylee. I think the jury made the right decision. The biggest mistake was made by that of cocky prosecutors, who were so offended by the presumed crime that they apparently didn't give Casey a plea deal she would accept. The prosecution was intent on murder one without murder one evidence. If any taxpayer money was wasted, it was wasted on them. Hopefully they'll learn from this rather hard lesson that juries don't like to be manipulated with emotion. They want convincing evidence, especially in this day of the "C.S.I. effect." I say kudos to the judge and the jurors, who kept their cool and went about their business as they should.

Anonymous said...

The argument would be -- what's reasonable? The prosecutors worked with what they had. And the theory they had was based entirely on the amazing amount of circumstantial evidence they had and a theory that fit the evidence. Everyone now wants to have absolute proof so they can't possibly be accused of making a mistake. You are almost guaranteed not to have absolute proof -- ever. And the real, rock-solid forensic trial proof they needed was erased by time and Tropical Storm Faye's flood waters.

As for a plea deal, Casey would not and will never admit she did anything to Caylee. She denied the check/fraud thefts even when seeing herself in the store video committing the thefts. Like Richard Nixon when confronted, Deny, deny, deny.

As I said, Caylee is dead. Casey got what she wanted. Cindy has reaped what she earned by not making Casey aware of real consequences when she was lying to and stealing from family long before Caylee came in the picture. They shall live in a self-generated hell and the media will be there to exploit every single pratfall.

My only concession to bitterness will be not to waste one minute of my life looking for any member of the Anthony family that goes missing. Some people should be forgotten -- and quickly.

Rosy said...
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Rosy said...

I hope Casey doesn't benefit from her past, but she might since she's been acquitted. Mostly, my concern is with the jury. I think they came up with the verdict they had to under the circumstances. I think they did a great job, and I certainly can't blame any of them for not wanting to come forward right now. I'm glad the judge (who seems to be quite an astute and able fellow) has had the good sense and foresight to protect them.

I think "beyond a reasonable doubt" sets the bar far lower than "absolute proof." The jury was looking for any proof whatsoever. There wasn't any. The prosecution isn't in the business of speculation; its job is to offer some degree of proof. I give them credit for trying. They clearly were hoping the jury would convict based on speculation, but the jurors were more responsible than that.

If the eyes of the world hadn't been on them would they have felt more comfortable convicting based on speculation and circumstantial evidence? I suspect so, but we'll never know for sure.