Monday, February 15, 2016

The Hard Truth From Orlando

Republican. When exactly did that become synonymous with dumbass? I know it's been a while.

And I'd point out that the "Mexico City" policy that cut funding for abortion and contraception in Latin countries came from President Reagan, the ignorant bastard. And guess why we have then had a nearly 30-year glut of illegal immigrants flooding from South American countries that cannot support all these unplanned for, unprovided for children? I love how these men who sell themselves like prostitutes to lobbyists and religious organizations are so incredibly generous when it's not them that has to foot the bill or spend their lives taking care of children who have no hope of normalcy or availability of basic medical care.

Said it before, any woman who is forced to bear a child she did not want and could not support should be allowed to put her state representative's name on the birth certificate and sue their representative for child support. We'd see how fast these jerkweeds support contraception and abortion when it comes out of THEIR hides. I mean, the taxpayers aren't going to be out any money. We pay for the unwanted children anyway. I just think we should make it come out of the representative's taxpayer-based salary instead of him collecting a paycheck from us while we still have to pony up a lifetime of separate fees for the two-legged legacies of his moral stance.

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