Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The Hard Truth From Orlando

Trying not to watch the political stuff. Too depressing for words. Republicans. Jeez. They can't tackle income inequality, affordable housing, sustainable energy, global warming impact, erratic and arbitrary medical costs, insurance or banking reform, immigration reform -- but they can waste hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars to go after women's reproductive rights based on unlawfully obtained videos. They're not even targeting the alleged real issue, which is the regulation of fetal tissue use by the self-same medical industry that they refuse to reform or regulate.
I'm not fond of our current rudderless Democrats but I wouldn't touch anything Republican with a ten-foot pole. If they ever put the Equal Rights Amendment back on the ballot, I'll vote for it and maybe that will help put an end to the constant political gender-biased battles.
Candidly, I wish these legislators and wannabe fathers of our country had to sit through some of family court dependency hearings to see first-hand the quality of life they're foisting off on unwanted, unplanned for children who get shuttled from person to person because they're government subsidies on two legs, not because anyone cares for them. Hideous. A sentence of lifelong dysfunction. Adoption? The exception -- and too few and far between for success in rearing good, productive citizens. I always said if I found a baby in a dumpster, it was meant to be mine and I would make that child a priority in my life. But I think we should recognize that unwilling parents are probably not going to be good parents and it's the children that suffer for it.
I'm weird enough to believe that if any woman who had a child she didn't want could put her legislator's name on the birth certificate and the lawmaker had to pay out of his/her personal pocket for that child, suddenly contraceptives and abortion would become non-issues. It's easy to claim to stand on moral high ground when you're not the one footing the bill.
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