Monday, July 13, 2015

The RealTruth From Orlando

Confederate Flag controversy --

The cemeteries in Germany still have the Nazi symbols on the headstones and elsewhere. The soldiers buried there died for their cause and an organization unparalleled in history for its systematic evil. I still see no reason to erase everything just to sanitize history. I don't have to agree with everything that's displayed. I don't have to agree or condone things done before my time or subscribe to the concept that because I don't protest a symbol that it means I support what that symbol stood for.

Confederate cemeteries and graves are desecrated on a regular basis, receive almost no funding or recognition -- but it's conveniently forgotten or ignored that they also contain the remains of black soldiers who fought for their homes and states, not just for or against slavery. They contain the remains of thousands of family ancestors of both colors. I see no reason we cannot honor the dead with a symbol of the cause they died to support.

It's more of this politically correct garbage that wants to pretend that the only reason we had a civil war in this country was because of slavery and that persons of color can only feel good about themselves nearly 200 years after the fact if only they get enough apologies. The Civil War was about states' rights to govern themselves -- the very same battle that's going on right now in the issues of abortions, women's rights, immigration, gay marriage and the so-called "religious freedom" to refuse service to anyone who doesn't believe like you do. But none of those issues has a flag people can point to and scream about.

It's asinine to say the Confederate flag means slavery and only Southerners are bigots. African tribes sold opposing tribal captives to slavers. Ship magnate northerners ran the slave ships from Africa and made huge profits in the slave trade. Northerners ran their profitable textile mills for cotton grown by slave-owning plantation owners. The Southerners owned the slaves. Not every Southerner owned slaves; not every Northerner was an abolitionist. Not every black man in the South was a slave. Not every slave in the South was black. No one's hands were clean.

The hypocrisy that touts that flag as a symbol of slavery is overwhelming. The imminent criminalization in displaying the flag is a slap in the face to the American experience and a patent violation of the First Amendment.

It's a shame one nut ball, gormless, disenfranchised jackass went in and killed nine productive people of whatever color just because he could. He's a terrorist. Treat him like a terrorist and stop with the constant racism rhetoric. There's as much racism on the black side of the color fence as there is on the white side. Time to quit throwing stones back and forth over it and leave each other's heritage alone.

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