Monday, January 20, 2014

The Hard Truth From Orlando


Frankly, I’m surprised someone hasn’t been shot before over cell phones, texting and stupidity in the movie theatres. And of course, they’re playing “Hearts & Flowers” over the fact that the dead dumbass was texting “his little daughter.” Um. He has a three-year-old daughter who reads text messages? Wow. So she has HER own phone, too, at three years of age? Or were they babysitting by video instead of leaving her with a living human being? And of course, this ill-mannered twit doesn’t know the polite thing is to make any phone calls or texts from the lobby, not the theatre seat, or was he just so important he can’t be bothered?
One report also said that the couple were talking loudly and otherwise being pretty obnoxious – which behavior usually means that they’ll continue this behavior right into the feature presentation and screw the experience for all the other paying customers. A normal couple would’ve gotten the message when someone asked them to stop texting, talking and be quiet. But not this pair of entitled yuppie jerk-offs.
And I can almost guarantee that little blonde wife of the victim was the instigator. Oh, you better call the baby, let her know we’re all right. Oh, honey, blah-blah-blah – and then argue with the man behind them so that hubby thinks she’s threatened and has to stand up for her. Sorry. It’s almost reminiscent of the airport security guy who got his neck broken by the more harassed than belligerent husband because his puffed-up entitled wife started a fight over her ill-trained child running past security. Hubby got acquitted, but wife’s behavior was finally addressed publically.
People are saying, oh, a retired cop did this; policemen and guns, ooh, can’t trust them. And as I said before, I’m just surprised someone hasn’t been shot before. That’s the trouble with ANYONE and a gun. The impulse to put down a mouthy jackass can escalate quickly into a lethal reaction. And in this case, it did.
Remember when going to the movies was almost like going to church with popcorn? You paid, you went and were quiet in a room full of strangers, all of whom were also expected to be quiet. Maybe a whispered comment, but by and large, you shut up and watched the movie or an usher ushered your antisocial self OUT and you did not get your money back.
Then we got VCRs and home theatres and everybody acted like they were in their own living room for the show, yelping, running up and down the aisle to the lobby, the bathroom. The kids were no longer trained to shut up and sit down – or taken out of the theatre if they became disruptive. You were conscious of the people around you and polite, saying, excuse me, if you had walk past other people in their seats. And then we got cell phones and that was the nearly the end of movie going for most people. You now see every jackass in the place with his or her feet propped up on the seat ahead of him/her, yakking, calling people on the phone, commenting on every scene and actor – usually not even in a whisper – and mouthing off if someone asks them to keep it down.
That’s why I pick senior citizen morning matinees if I go to theatres for a movie anymore. That’s why I really don’t want to carry a weapon. It’s not the theatres. It’s not even the cost. It’s the ill-mannered crap heads who inflict themselves on other paying customers, oblivious of possible consequences. And the urge to drill courtesy into their pointed craniums with a steel-jacketed projectile might become overwhelming…and besides, I’d miss seeing the movie.
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