Saturday, October 19, 2013

Rue Morgue

Tanned, rested....and ready to retire. Too bad I have to wait a few, 10 years, until I can collect a pension. Either way, back from a week at the beach. A week without mutants, crime scenes, and Musikfest (see last weeks post). Also, a week without a cell phone (oops, left it, I mean forgot it, at home, and sans computer and the internet. Damn, a week without the net, I can see Eric shudder as he reads that.

Since I had no electronic media (my PSP DOES NOT count!!! playing the Family Guy video game is rather mind numbing) I finally had a chance t catch up on reading print media. Books and magazines. Speaking of magazines, I got caught up on a few past issues of Rue Morgue magazine. Check the link above. It is a decent mag for horror fans. Much better than just the gore-zines. More in-depth articles, interviews, and columns not just on current movies, but oldies as well. Also, they cover books, graphic novels, video games, and music.

Rue Morgue is a Canadian publication and can probably be found in the "big box" book stores. Their web site is decent. Check out Rue Morgue Radio when you're there. Good stuff.

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