Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Hard Truth From Orlando

Well, Romney makes his contempt for the 99%-ers more and more obvious as reflected in his not-for-the-unwashed-public remarks to his super-PAC wealthy donors. Polls show that 47% of American voters support Obama at the moment, therefore, according to Romney, 47% of American voters are freeloading ne'er-do-wells looking for a hand-out. Romney says he wishes he had Latino blood because apparently he thinks he could play a race card and win because that 47% are so bigoted and ignorant they would only vote for Obama because of his minority heritage.
Romney sneers at Americans he says don't contribute their fair share of taxes, but he and his buddies stash their piles of cash in off-shore banks, impervious to the scrutiny to which most Americans have to submit. He says the 47% are looking for hand-outs and freebies while he and his corporate buddies collect government subsidies on one hand to generate business, while inflating and gutting companies started and maintained by others into bankruptcy with the other hand, putting thousands of middle-class citizens out of work and driving them into the welfare safety net he derides.
He says government is bloated and he wants to cut 10% of government workers, but he's not cutting the specially appointed and elected fat cat expatriates of an insider corporate world who can do him and his buddies favors by looking the other way on Wall Street banking and accounting shell-games. No, Romney wants to cut the 10% of worker bees at the bottom who work for significantly lesser wages than their corporate counterparts on the legally contracted promise of a pension after 30 or more working years; a pension system he and his Republican buddies are doing their best to dismantle before public servants can collect for that lifetime of service.
Romney wants to continue to de-regulate and give himself more tax breaks, which means he and corporate raider culture buddies can continue the same financial games they've been running for nearly three decades, generating the Savings and Loans collapse of the 80's, the Baptist Foundation bankruptcy, the Enron scandal and thence to the global toxic mortgages mess compounded by the derivatives "bucket shop" scams perpetrated by Romney's corporate ilk.
He's all for taking apart Social Security and Medicare without addressing the rampant insanity of the insurance businesses which are the source of the cost inflation for the services both of those funds provide. Those insurance businesses and the handful of men who run them are the same ones who gambled their middle-class stockholders' investments on the toxic mortgages and derivatives games and then put their hand out to the disdained 99%-ers to bail them out for their greed and arrogance, then granted themselves extravagant personal bonuses for their incompetence.
I agree the welfare system needs an overhaul. I think unemployment assistance needs an overhaul. I think food stamps and other social services need an overhaul. I think the cost of a college degree is completely out of proportion to the quantity and quality of what's being paid for nowadays. I agree that fraud in our "entitlement" government programs is rampant and needs to be curtailed -- and harshly.
But I also think Romney is a self-serving, arrogant, sexist jackass and I'd vote for Joe Snuffy the drunken ragman before I'd vote for that delusional robber baron.
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