Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Hard Truth From Orlando

Oh, no! People of color can't be racist! That's just a white person's problem!
Apparently, that's the indoctrination that the politically correct camp has drilled into everyone's head for so long that even when the obvious is kicking you in the face, you can't admit what you're looking at. Hitler said it, repeat a lie often enough and it will become the truth.
We have two blatant cases of white victims being victimized because they're white in the news just this week: the two Virginia Beach white reporters being beaten by a mob of black teenagers which the victims' own public service employer (and the police) failed to identify as a racist attack and the equally disturbing sex trafficking and abuse of young white girls by a group of Pakistani men in England, where the local police chief vehemently denies race was a factor -- despite the open acknowledgement in the Pakistani community that race was precisely why the girls were targeted for abuse.
To quote from the BBC report:
Mohammed Shafiq, chief executive of the Ramadhan Foundation, accused Pakistani community elders of "burying their heads in the sand" on the issue of on-street grooming. There is a significant problem for the British Pakistani community," he said.
"There should be no silence in addressing the issue of race as this is central to the actions of these criminals. They think that white teenage girls are worthless and can be abused without a second thought; it is this sort of behavior that is bringing shame on our community."
The asininely oblivious Assistant Chief Constable Steve Heywood of the Greater Manchester Police denies that ethnicity or race is a factor in the case. He says it's not a racial issue, it's just about adults preying on at-risk children. They just happened to be Asian men and the victims were all white non-Asian girls.
Duh. What turnip truck did he fall from and how hard did he hit when he landed?
Only in the industrialized predominantly white nations have women achieved any kind of foothold for equality. Only in industrialized predominantly white nations have women achieved near-equality under the law. In the Asian world these perps came from, white girls not restricted by insane religious edicts of every aspect of their lives ARE trash. Their white parents will not avenge their daughters with blood. Their white communities will not retaliate by burning their abusers' houses or crops or mutilating the men or raping their wives and daughters in the never-ending get-even tribal warfare that is the norm of their Asian culture. So these men felt they could do what they wanted -- and they did it for so long and to so many because the white community won't acknowledge it's about race or ethnicity when the perps select their victims.
Sure. Under the British law, you can't count on convicting these arrogant freaks of hate crimes against the girls. After all, even under the America judicial code, rape is not a violation of your civil rights. You can't charge someone with a hate crime for demonstrating his inherent bias by raping, beating or killing only female victims.
And just because a mob of black teenagers decides to target a pair of white reporters because they're white and they're at hand, you can't really try them for a hate crime -- even if they are claiming the attack is in retaliation for the alleged murder of a youth (who has nothing to do with their community at all except for his skin color) by a guy they claim is a white bigot but who denies this because he's Hispanic, not one of those bad racist white people.
Wow. Not a good time to be white, I guess, especially as the victim of a hate crime, because apparently EVERYONE knows that people of color can't be racist. That's just a white people phenomenon.
Won't it be nice when we really have equality and we can tell the unvarnished truth for a change? I hope I live to see the day. Meantime, I think I'll see if I can get a tan as dark as Leather Mom and pass myself as something else and shed that racist tag...

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