Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Hard Truth From Orlando

“Render unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s,
and unto God the things that are God’s” (Matthew 22:21).

1. It is good and appropriate to submit to the state when
2. Spiritual demands supersede earthly demands, but do
not abolish them;
3. The demands of the state are non-negotiable;
4. Spiritual authority should maintain its independence
from temporal authority, which rules by force rather
than moral law.
That’s straight from Wikipedia and the King James version of
the Biblical texts – plain information, plain understanding of the
text no matter your Christian affiliation. And that’s why I don’t
understand why these so-called ministers of faith don’t
understand why they have to comply with criminal
investigations – except that they don’t want to. The source
of their own religion spelled it out for them that they must
comply with secular laws.
Nowhere does their religious code claim that sexual abuse
of children is acceptable. Nowhere does it claim that those
who perpetrate these acts are not to be prosecuted.
Nowhere does it claim that the most helpless of the
supplicants are to be callously used and justice for them
suppressed with such disdain and vicious disregard.
Nowhere does it say that a wolf in the fold should be
tolerated; in fact, quite the contrary. The wolf is to be
eliminated for the protection of the flock.
On all counts, the Catholic Church has failed. They have
failed to police their own; they have systematically and
sadistically abused the most vulnerable of their congregants;
they have bribed and corrupted families and local officials to
cover their criminal acts; they have openly obstructed any
investigation or punishment of the criminals in their midst;
they have misused charitable donations and subverted their
own credo. Somewhere along the line, they mistook
representing the will of God for acting as if they were God.
Time to shatter the Golden Calf and toss the false prophets into
the fire. And if that’s too metaphysical, the Catholic Church
needs a good public purge of its dirty priests and hierarchy
delivered openly into the hands of the secular authority if it
ever hopes to regain any semblance of credibility and honor.
The crimes they have perpetrated under the guise of
ministering are an obscenity and if the Catholic Church
suffers a loss of substantial power, influence or position in the
world, they need only to look to their own actions for the cause.

Florida Cracker

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