Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Hard Truth From Orlando

RANT # 1 Immigration Reform (# 2 next Wed.)

I’m tired of the term “racist” when applied to Arizona ’s
stance on immigration, or for that matter, when used to
describe anyone who opposes our current policy of
immigration non-enforcement. If, as an American citizen,
I am required (as determined by Supreme Court case law)
to show valid ID if stopped by the police conducting a
legitimate investigation, why should an illegal immigrant
not be required to present valid ID? What gives an illegal
immigrant more personal freedom than I have as a
tax-paying, hardworking citizen of the United States ?
And if you live in a community of mostly “brown” people,
how can it be “racist” to stop and address “brown” people
while conducting a valid investigation? It would be weirder
if you lived in a mostly brown community and only stopped
the white or black people. That’s not profiling to stop
brown people while conducting legal investigations in a
brown community – that’s common sense. Of course,
if we only let the brown police stop the brown people
and the white police stop the white people – but isn’t
that definition of real racism and a de-facto disregard
of “all are equal under the law?”

I think George Orwell had it right in Animal Farm when
the sheep were trained to bleat “two legs bad; four legs
good,” in an endless drowning chant every time someone
brought up a subject the minority demagogues didn’t
want discussed. Freedom of speech by the American
taxpayer majority is likewise being held hostage by the
minority because all the anti-immigration enforcement
group has to do is start shrieking “Racist” to derail any
reasonable analysis of our current immigration disaster.

The cold hard basic truth is: Big Government doesn’t want
to enforce immigration laws on the books because Big
Business profits outrageously from illegal employment.
And Big Business owns the movers and shakers of Big
Government, one dirty hand washing the other. And
most illegal immigrants don’t want to be citizens of the
U.S. ; they just want the American standard of living
without embracing the culture or credos that created it.
Too apt an analogy is locusts; they come with all of their
neediness, lack of education or forethought, breeding
indiscriminately children they cannot support; and
when the American middle-class tax base is drained,
the community their rampant influx creates will be
ultimately just as bad in the poverty and corruption as
that they profess to be escaping.

And as for the rest of the bleating herds opposing
immigration enforcement, they’ll apparently be happy
when everyone is sitting naked in a circle in the dirt,
celebrating that we’re all equal – because none of us
has anything that others can’t take away.

It’s up to us middle-class American taxpayers at the
grassroots level to oppose illegal immigration at every
level and vote out any politician who refuse to enforce
immigration law if we want to survive as a nation.

Florida Cracker

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