Thursday, March 04, 2010

The Hard Truth From Orlando

Pretty little Shannon Marie, age 17, of Marion County, Florida,
is charged with aggravated cyberstalking, a felony, for targeting
a 15-year-old girl who USED to date the guy that Shannon is
going with now. Shannon was apparently so insecure in her
relationship with this new guy that she posted the 15-year-old’s
phone number and photo on an Internet porn site with
suggestive messages to call the 15-year-old, she does great
phone sex, etc.

Wow. Shannon sounds like a winner, huh? Sounds like
another Amy Fisher, the kind you want to bank your future
on. She dates a guy, probably a senior like her, who dates
the sophomore girls – girls who are miles behind his female
peers in maturity if not actual physical age, which doesn’t say
much good about what kind of guy he is. Well, now he’s
going with that 15-year-old girl, he’s going with Shannon .
But Shannon isn’t content with that; she’s got to destroy any
previous rivals. Sounds to me like boyfriend is one of those
who keeps dipping his wick where it’s not supposed to be.

But isn’t this such a typical deadly scenario anymore that
we’re seeing played out across the nation? Used to be if the
guy switched partners, the new girl was the one preening
and the old one was the one crying – or supposed to be crying
Very few recognized it was usually a step in the right direction
when they got Mr. Liability out of their lives. Nowadays, it’s
like a pack behavior. He switches partners and the new
partner has to prove she’s queen bitch of the pack and tear
out the throat of any rivals because she knows her mate
can’t control himself and never will, so she takes it out on
any possible competition. We’re seeing it in the news more
and more frequently where the girls are beating the hell out
of each other over some guy who can’t keep it in his pants –
instead of beating the hell out of the guy who can’t keep it in
his pants and dumping him as the loser he is.

The second part of this little nightmare was little Miss
Insecurity’s choice of weapons, one that’s all too common
with the cell phone/Internet generation. She chose to put
her rival in the crosshairs of every pervert and freak who
has access to cyberspace by putting the girl’s face and
phone number on that porn site. When confronted by law
enforcement, Shannon Marie point-blank says she’s not
going to stop the harassment, either. Take that as a red
flag. There’s no remorse, no comprehension, no sense of
perspective with this one.

Please let someone be paying attention. This callous and
calculated viciousness because Ms. Shannon Marie feels
romantically threatened goes way beyond cyber-bullying
and harassment. Shannon Marie is pathologically jealous
and possibly psychopathic. She needs a psych eval, and
students at her school need to be carefully interviewed –
this will not be the first time she’s done something like this.
She’s a bully and a danger to the community. She needs to
be tagged by law enforcement and labeled by the community
so everyone knows what they’re dealing with – a malicious
psycho. And her parents – guarantee you they’re gutless
wimps or she’d never be playing these kinds of games with
other’s lives.

I hope the 15-year-old’s parents sue Shannon ’s family and
take everything they own. It might make a dent in Shannon ’s
complacent sense that nothing can happen to her - loss of
possessions might scare her where the police and the loss
of future jobs and income due to her criminal behavior
haven’t. We’ll see this little monster again in the system.
She won’t stop; she’s hardwired to destroy and there are
no brakes.

Florida Cracker

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