Sunday, November 01, 2009

The Hard Truth From Orlando: BEWARE!

It’s all in the news about the 15 year-old girl who was gang-raped by who knows how many for over two hours while a crowd came and went, laughed, took pictures – and actively participated in her brutalization. Well, she’s alive. That’s in her favor when the case goes to court because otherwise, the perpetrators get to tell their version of the story and her side of the story is only reflected by forensics.

America is exhibiting a culture of progressively vicious female denigration, exploded into the mainstream by the incorporation of immigrants from rigidly patriarchal societies and segments of our own male-dominated criminal-class subcultures, reinforced constantly by popular media. It’s common every day to hear children of all ages say, “I’m going to make you my bitch.” Best pay attention to the ugly intention behind those kinds of claims and the dangerously derogatory perception of women and girls they imply.

Frankly, while I decry the cowardice of political correctness, I nonetheless hope some day to hear the word “bitch” treated the same as “nigger.” It’s not a word you should be allowed to use anywhere except in discussing canine pedigrees.

All of that aside, apparently young women today are a whole lot dumber than they used to be – or their mothers are so negligent as to not give their daughters some pointers on safety.
Rule number 1: Never trust a guy when it comes to your safety. Most sexual assaults are by someone you know and any time it’s about sex, it’s only about what he wants – not you. You put yourself in harm’s way; don’t be so surprised when you get hurt.
Rule number 2: Just because you’re acquainted with someone, doesn’t mean he’s your friend.
Rule number 3: Never, NEVER be the only female in or near a group of guys, even if you think you know one or more of them. Guys in a group do not act or think like individuals; they react as a pack and the girl almost immediately becomes the prey.
Rule number 4: NEVER drink with guys in an isolated or non-public area, NEVER accept a drink or leave your drink, and NEVER drink to the point you’re intoxicated or impaired. And the reason for that goes right back to Rule number 1: Never trust a guy with your safety.

I’m sure that young lady, if she survives and recovers, has learned the Rules. She’ll regret her poor decisions for the rest of her life. Her attackers and those who stood by and enjoyed the spectacle of someone else’s debasement and injury – well, they’re really sorry if they were caught. But they’re also asking, what’s the big deal? Because in our modern sociopathic society, it wasn’t.

The media are behind the times on this gang-rape episode. They keep trying to figure out why the guys were all cheering and participating and celebrating while the girl was being brutalized.

The dynamics are nothing like the bystander intervention we knew. This is truly a case of spectator sport – it was like watching a dogfight, something this group of guys participates in on a regular basis. She wasn’t human; she was just the thing that was being torn apart. Those guys never saw it as sex. They saw it as a pure act of violence – like throwing a rabbit in with the dogs – how long can it last?

That’s the real dynamics of this event.

Glad the girl survived – hope she’s tough enough for the aftermath. Maybe we’ll start exporting these little spawn of illegals – or putting a needle back in the arms of the sex offenders.

Florida Cracker

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Eric said...

And More From Frankie: Saw this. What the writer doesn’t understand is the change in society. This was a Spanish-illegal immigrant and next generation community. These were guys somewhat raised by single illegal mothers and absentee fathers. Most of the males in the area around and in this school belong in or are affiliated with criminal street gangs at some level. You don’t have bystander hesitation “I don’t want to get involved” – it’s more like the energy from watching a dog fight – and many of these young men are involved in raising and fighting dogs. The girl was (from what I can glean in her friend’s comments) white and young and alone. These guys are exactly what I see in the courthouse every day; sociopaths, vicious, desensitized animals in human form. And little knucklehead, because she “knew” one of them, walked right out into the shark pit and was nearly devoured.

Now come all the Spanish mothers, wringing their hands – they’re not bad boys, it was a “mistake”. The mistake is in not eradicating every one of their bloodline. Sometimes it makes more sense to be medieval. I love this woman. In case you haven't figured it out, she's been in law enforcement for over 20 years. I'ld rather have no one at my back.