Monday, August 04, 2008

Situation resolved

The suit was settled the day after the first article hit the press. Now, after reading the comments on the papers site on the original article, the paper wrote it in such a way as everyone was bitching and moaning about how Flitter was demanding so much money for doggie baths. The media never mentioned that the suit was filed federally because the city was breaking a contract by not paying for care of the dogs. Additionally, the media failed to mention that the care costs also included food costs and grooming (other than baths).
Additonally, not that the paper would, but the paper didn't feel like mentioning the the K-9 officers spend about 20 hours a month training on their own time and doing demonstrations that the do not put in for overtime or additional pay. The K-9 officers were only suing because the city was not paying them what the law required.

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