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Friday, October 14, 2016



I'm at a loss for words. Feel free to share this with friends and loved ones. And before you ask, I have NO idea how I'm going to top this. Frankie loved this Site. Birthday presents for the hard to buy for. And Halloween is almost here. Better hurry and order.



  • What is there to possibly to say about this other than, Damn, to bad they're so much money, else I'd get one. One way to keep the Jehovas away.

    By Blogger Nick, At 9/11/05 15:35  

  • Maybe just a head? Great burglar alarm with a small light and a CD saying "Brains, more brains!"..

    By Blogger Eric, At 9/11/05 15:43  

  • I think one would look lovely in your pool.

    By Blogger Rose-Marie, At 28/9/07 16:49  

  • Only if I could find a way that they wouldn't dissolve in it.

    By Blogger Eric, At 28/9/07 17:32  

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